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Witchblade Promotion

Matt Hawkins being the marketing genius that he is has come up with a great idea on how to promote the new Witchblade team of David Wohl and Francis Manapul -- give issue of Witchblade away for free. That's right. All you have to do is email Mr. Matt Hawkins and he will send you 25 copies of Witchblade to give it to your friends and family. For more information go to the Top Cow Message Board
posted by Jason Sorrenti 7/11/2002 05:14:32 PM

Welcome to Francis

Francis Manapul has to write something interesting to go in this spot. We will introduce a weblog so you can find out how stressful being a comic book artist is-- well when you don't have a deadline looming. Other than that, it's all honey and milk.
posted by Jason Sorrenti 7/11/2002 05:05:02 PM

Upcoming Appearances

San Diego Comic Con
August 1-4, 2002
San Diego Convention Center
111 Harbor Drive
Downtown San Diego

Canadian National Comic Book Expo
August 23-25 2002
Metro Toronto Convention Centre
Toronto, Ontario
*** tentative***

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